HONey, I shrank the nanosheets!

New paper in Chemical Science

26 January 2021

We’ve recently published our collaboration with the research group of Nicholas (or Nick) White (Australian National University), demonstrating the preparation of freestanding and atomically-thin nanosheets of hydrogen bonded frameworks.

In this study, two layered hydrogen-bonded framework systems synthesised by the White group, were exfoliated into ultrathin nanosheets by us! These nanosheets are remarkable not only for their thickness, but also because they can withstand boiling water, and have great potential in sensing applications.

This project was started by a chat between Nick and Jona at the 2016 MICRA meeting in Bath, and now see’s Josh and Stephanie’s combined efforts published in Chemical Science, titled “Monolayer nanosheets formed by liquid exfoliation of charge-assisted hydrogen-bonded frameworks”.